Know your online audience and what they want


Getting to know your online audience and what they want

Who are your audience? They might not be who you think! Think of your online audience as your community – they’re your fan base, you cheerleaders and you want to keep them happy. The more engaged they are in your brand or product, the more likely they are to buy your product or services. So, who are they? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to define your audience.

First the practical ones:

·         What is their age? Gender? Marital status? Income? Occupation? Family size? What problems or issues do they have and how will your product or service help?

Then the questions that fill in the blanks on who they are:

·         What do they enjoy? What do they spend their free time doing? Are they outdoor types or more likely to be found curled up with a good book?

·         How do they see themselves? Are they political? Adventurous or more traditional?

·         What are their likes and dislikes?

·         What influences them? Do they get their news on their phone, or from a newspaper? Do they subscribe to Netflix or do they buy DVDs?

·         What events do they go to?

These may sound quite light-hearted and potentially unrelated questions, you’re probably thinking, “Well it’s nice that my customers like The Wire and get their news from Twitter, but how does this affect me?”

The answer is that these questions give you an insight into your audience’s buying habits and how they will find and react to your brand.

If you know WHO your audience is, you can work out WHERE to find them, WHAT they will best react to (in terms of both marketing and products,) WHEN to target them (on the commute while they are scrolling through Instagram, or when they are chatting to their Facebook friends in the ad breaks of prime time TV,) HOW they will interact with you (online adverts, offers and promotions on Facebook, Twitter polls, Instagram giveaways etc,) and WHY they simply MUST have your product or service in their lives.

Why not create a few potential audience members to test the theory? It can help to have your ‘community’ in mind when thinking about how you tackle your social media.

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