Blogging for your business – why it’s important


Why you should be blogging for your business

Everyone knows you need to have a website and social media nowadays.

But did you know it’s important to add content to your site regularly, via blogging, to improve your internet search rankings? Many people still simply create a website and leave it in cyberspace like an online advert. But there’s a simple way you can make your website work harder for you.

Where your website features on search engines like Google is down to a complex algorithm. This considers hundreds of factors and creates a ranking. It includes factors like: relevance to the search terms, content answering the search term queries, keywords, site speed, links to your site from ‘high quality’ sources and ‘freshness’ – how often new content has been added.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation changes all the time.

Search engines are always trying to ensure people get the most relevant and helpful information appearing at the top of the first page.

Having a good SEO programme linked to your website, like the Yoast SEO plug in for WordPress, is a good start. The programme will look at your content in blog posts and help you make it as search engine friendly as possible. You can read how to download and install it here.

Having new content on your site helps to keep it fresh. So, if your blogs are helping answer queries and questions then that is even better!

So, apart from SEO, website traffic and google rankings why else should you blog?

  • It provides a bank of content for your social media channels that can be shared.
  • It informs your customers / clients and fans about what you have been up to. So, maybe you have a new product or launched a charity appeal! It helps to humanise your brand and ups the ‘feel-good’ factor. You can even encourage people to subscribe to your blog or newsletter which means they never miss the latest news!
  • If you create informative content then you are creating an archive of resources that will keep generating web traffic. For example, say you are a small bed and breakfast and you write a blog about the Top 10 ‘hidden gem’ beaches in Dorset. The article will (with some careful keyword work to make it as relevant as possible,) show up on searches for a longer time than an article that is time sensitive.
  • A blog is an effective way to connect to your fans and get their feedback. Encourage your community to interact and let you know what they love about your product or service. This builds up good relationships with your community.
  • Your blog could be used as an archive of your press releases or your coverage in the media. It allows you to showcase all the things you have been working on, that could be a new product or a hotel revamp. You could even showcase testimonials from happy clients.
  • Blogging helps to establish your authenticity as an ‘expert’ in your chosen field.
Blogs don’t have to be long, around 300 words is perfect, with a relevant picture. So why not give it a go?

Or if you feel you would like a little help, why not get in touch? At Jurassic Creative, we can create imaginative blogs for you! We can have a chat and discuss your needs and what you want to create on your site, and then create bespoke and exclusive articles for you. You can email us here. Or sign up to our newsletter here.

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