Six top tips to help you build your online brand


Whether we like to admit it or not, in the digital age it’s important to have an online brand.

This gives a consistent identity across your social media platforms which promotes your core values. It defines how you see your company and business or product, and it will define how potential customers and clients will see you.

Branding is a matter of personal preference and each is different – just like every person is different. There’s no one -size fits all. But there are a few steps you can take to make your brand the most effective it can be, so that it represents you.

Here are six key factors to help you focus on your online brand:


Who is your customer / client? What do they enjoy? How do they see themselves?


What is central to your company? What do you believe and hold firm to? These are the values your customers will identify with themselves and invest in.


In everything from the content you post, to the number of posts you do online each week – be consistent.


Everything you post online should be to the highest standard possible, from images to written content.


How do your clients and customers connect with you online? Make sure you respond to them in a timely manner.


People connect with people, so be yourself. But be mindful that people build a perception of you and your business based on your posts. So just be aware of how each post could come across to your followers.


IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT SALES – No matter how great your product / company or service, if your Twitter feed is a string of dull adverts, people will soon lose interest.  Make your posts sharable and get your followers excited about your brand. Invest and engage with your online community.

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