5 free things you can do right now to boost your business in 2018


It’s the New Year and we are all full of good intentions, but sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly how to market your business to give it the boost it needs. So, here are 5 free things you can do right now to boost your marketing efforts.

The most important thing to consider when thinking about marketing is to keep your target audience in mind at all times. Sure, influencer marketing is great if you are a health and lifestyle company aimed at affluent and aspirational 30-somethings, but what if you sell ink cartridges or do engineering? Likewise, getting articles published in the construction trade press probably won’t boost a green juice supplier, as much as Instagram advertising and good placement in a lifestyle magazine would.

So, keep your target audience in mind and take a look at these 5 free things:

1.       Make a marketing plan – for the entire year.

Yes, that’s right, a whole 12 months of ideas to develop. It doesn’t have to be hugely detailed, but a rough idea of events and activities your business will be involved with during the year will help focus your marketing efforts. So, for example, you could say, “I will go to one networking event a fortnight locally and one event specific to my industry each month.

2.       Time to give back.

Add to your marketing plan events and special days for charity that your business wants to get involved in. Maybe you could do a Bake Off style event for Macmillan or a wear a funny hat for the RSPCA? What charity is close to your heart? Which leads me on to. . .

3.       Become your own PR champion.

Look at the events and charity days you have highlighted then think about how you could boost your efforts by getting more publicity. Perhaps your local radio station is backing a charity day, you could get involved and send them a photo of your team going above and beyond.  Not only will the charity benefit from your donation, but your team will get a boost knowing they have helped out and your business will have that ‘feel-good factor.’

4.       Make the most of freebies.

Ok, ok, it’s obvious, but use social media. It’s a free way to reach your audience. Not sure which channel to use? As a general guide to which network is most used by which age group; Snapchat: 13-25 year olds, Instagram 20-35 year olds, Twitter: 30+ and Facebook: 40+.

And remember the golden rule: Engagement, engagement, engagement

5.       It’s time to get personal.

No really, it’s time. Audiences are more engaged with ‘personal’ content than ever before. They engage with brands they feel are human and relatable. One way to show your brand is run by humans and not machines is to make use of live video apps like Periscope on Twitter, Instagram stories and Facebook Live. Why not take people behind the scenes of your company? Show them how you create your products and why they should care about you. Again, these apps are free, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and make 2018 the year of personality.

Ok, so we know this is quite a shopping list of things to do and try – even if they sound simple, sometimes just having enough time to do it all can be a challenge. So, hi, my name’s Catherine and if I can ever help with your marketing or PR, just contact me. Have a lovely day!

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